Stolen FBI night vision goggles found in shooting suspect's home

Non-lethal explosive device found as well.

  • Marcos Callejas arrested in connection with a shooting over the weekend.
  • Tulsa police say they found a federal agent's equipment during a search of his east Tulsa home.
  • The equipment was reportedly stolen last month when thieves broke into an FBI agent's car in Bixby.

TULSA, Okla. — New details after a shooting investigation in east Tulsa led to the discovery of several assault rifles and law enforcement equipment.

Tulsa police say they found FBI night vision goggles and an FBI issued flash bang during the search of a home, suspect Marcos Callejas claimed to be living in.

Callejas claimed he knew the items were stolen from an FBI agent's car, and that he bought them from someone anyway. He said he paid $2000 for the goggles and $125 for the non-lethal explosive

Law enforcement says they use the goggles for surveillance on criminals at nighttime. They say a criminal could use them for counter surveillance. They may also use them to commit crimes in the dark without having to use a flashlight.

Police say the raid started with a shooting investigation on Sunday when a group opened fire on people outside the Taco's Don Francisco's restaurant near 21st and Memorial.

Callejas was later arrested after being identified by the victims as one of the shooters.

Police reported finding two assault rifles and another gun in his car along with quite a bit of marijuana and cocaine.

The suspect is a known gang member and neighbors say the suspect's home has been raided at least twice before.