Can you change your vote? Some voters are asking; a few states allow it

BETHESDA, MARYLAND - OCTOBER 20: Election judges prepare early mail-in ballots to be scanned by the Montgomery County Board of Elections October 20, 2020 at Plumb Gar Community Recreation Center in Germantown, Maryland. Request for a mail-in ballot in Maryland for the 2020 presidential general election must be received by today, or voters can request their ballots in person at a local board of elections office.

Is there such a thing as absentee ballot voter remorse? And, if so, is there anything you can do about it before Election Day?

That was a question many were asking Google to answer during the 2020 presidential election.

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So can you change an absentee ballot after it has been cast?

Most states do not allow voters to make changes to a ballot after it has been submitted, but some states do allow voters to vote in person after getting an absentee ballot.

In some states, you can submit your ballot, have a change of heart and, and submit a new ballot, Matthew Weil, director of the Election Project at the Bipartisan Policy Center, told Newsy in 2020.

New York state law says, Even if you request or cast and return an absentee ballot, you may still go to the polls and vote in person.

There are four other states that allow voters to change their minds once they have voted by mail.

Connecticut, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin all allow voters to change their absentee vote after they have cast a ballot.

In Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, anyone who voted by absentee ballot can ask for a new one in order to change their vote prior to the election.

In Connecticut, each town sets its own rules for changing a ballot.

In Michigan, you can change your absentee ballot vote up to the morning before the election. If you want to spoil your ballot throw out the one you have filled out and vote on a new one you have to do so by 5 p.m. local time on Oct. 30, or in person by 10 a.m. on Nov. 2.

In Wisconsin, If you need a new ballot, contact your municipal clerk as soon as possible, election officials say.

If theres enough time, your clerk can cancel your original ballot and give you a new one. Depending on how close you are to Oct. 29 the legal deadline for requesting absentee ballots by mail you might need to get your new ballot in person, the Wisconsin website reads.

In Minnesota, the deadline to cancel an absentee ballot has passed. That deadline was Oct. 20.

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