Cornelius Hocker

Cornelius Hocker
Cornelius Hocker is a Multimedia Journalist for FOX23. You can watch his reports covering the big news of the day or a story he’s found by talking to community members about things happening where they live.
“It is an honor and something I don’t take lightly when people talk to me for my stories,” Hocker said. “By sharing what people say, I hope to create some change and start a conversation about whatever topic I may be reporting on.”
Hocker is excited to be living in Tulsa.  He’s a guy from a small town in Western Kentucky with a high school graduating class of 150.  He appreciates the diversity of the area and the different attractions that come to town.
Hocker joined FOX23 in January of 2018. Prior to that, Cornelius worked for two years in Fargo, North Dakota for the NBC/CBS affiliate where he was the Weekend Anchor and Weekday Night Side Multimedia Journalist, MMJ for short.  He also worked in Billings, Montana at the NBC affiliate for two years right out of college as an MMJ.
Hocker received a bachelor’s degree in Music from Murray State University in 2013. He plays clarinet so don’t be surprised if you see him in local ensembles. He played with the Billings Symphony Orchestra, the North Dakota State University Orchestra and played in NDSU’s Graduate Clarinet Quartet.
Raised in Greenville, Kentucky, he is the oldest of three children. His family is all back in Western Kentucky. He’s extremely close to them and excited to be only an 8.5-hour drive away as opposed to the 16 and 23 in Fargo and Billings respectively.
When he’s not out reporting, Hocker enjoys checking out local restaurants and breweries. He loves ciders and sour beers.  He also works out, but not as much as he should.  To make up for the beer and not working out, you may see him out dancing the night away in downtown Tulsa.  He’s passionate about issues impacting early childhood education, young people of color, women, and the LGBTQ+ community.