Guide to Tulsa brewery tours

Tulsa breweries are a popular destination for beer lovers.

Tulsa brewery tours are a great way to learn about how beer is made, including the care, science and creativity that goes into the process.

There are two types of Tulsa brewery tours: ones that charge a fee and include beer samples, and free events where attendees can purchase beer on-site.

Since 2016, breweries in Tulsa and other parts of Oklahoma are allowed to serve patrons high-point beer (products with a higher alcohol level) at its facilities. This change in the law also means that only people age 21 and older are allowed on the premises.

Check out the following Tulsa brewery tours that are popular with local beer lovers.

Marshall Brewing Company, 618 S. Wheeling Ave., Tulsa

Marshall Brewing Company's tap room has 10 beers on draft, and they're known for their Revival Red Ale, which pays homage to Oklahoma. Tours are free and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. They're scheduled approximately twice a month and last for about 30 minutes. The tap room is open during the tour, and you can purchase full-strength beer by the glass as well as growlers and merchandise. Patrons learn about the brewing process during the tour, and can also buy a commemorative snifter glass to benefit charity.

Dead Armadillo Craft Brewing, 1004 E. 4th St., Tulsa

Dead Armadillo brews Amber Ale, Tulsa Flag Blonde Ale, Breakaway APA, Black Hop, Inland Porter and more. If you're new to craft beer, Amber Ale is a good choice since it's very drinkable and appeals to a variety of different tastes. The brewery announces its occasional tours, which last about 25-30 minutes, on its Facebook page. Patrons can also visit the gift shop, which has Tulsa flag T-shirts and many items, including shirts and stickers, that feature the brewery's interesting dead armadillo logo.

American Solera, 1801 S. 49th W. Ave., Tulsa

Solera is a system for aging fortified wines like sherry, and it calls for younger wines to be used to top off older wines to achieve a blend that's consistently aged. American Solera brewery applies this same theory to beer and ages its beer in oak barrels, usually for six to 18 months, before it's bottled. Its River West location offers tours on one or two Saturdays a month, which includes a tasting flight with four sample pours as well as a tour of the brewery. Tours are $20, and one can reserve a spot here.