Using the shirt off Tulsa's coach Philip Montgomery's back to raise money for Alzheimer's

FOX23 News at 9:00 p.m.
When he's not leading the Golden Hurricane into battle on the football field, head coach Philip Montgomery and his wife Ashli have been leading a different battle. The battle against Alzheimers.
We've dealt with this in my family now for a number of years, Philip said. My grandmother passed away with it. Ashli's grandmother passed away with it. My mother has it right now.
The Montgomery's have been raising funds this week for the Walk to End Alzheimer's matching up to $10,000 in donations through Monday, August 19th.
The more we do from a local level, it filters up and that's when the government really starts hearing our demands, and we start seeing some really great funding and some advancements, Ashli said.
But it's not just their donations that coach Montgomery and his wife contribute to this organization, It's so much of their time and often the shirts off their own backs at times.
We put a lot of ourselves into it.
Quite literally they do. Ashli sews quilts to raffle and raises money for the association. Each one she says takes about four days worth of work. Those who win them get something special. Often things from Coach Monty's closet are a part of her works.
For this particular quilt I was one t-shirt short, and I was like okay do I want to steal out of my closet or his closet. So, he doesnt even know I took the shirt off his back to put in this one.
There is no doubting the Montgomerys are dedicated to the cause. This year's walk takes place on September 21st and TU's annual Alzheimer's Awareness game is set for November 8th.