Special shot for student with special needs

A special shot for a student with special needs. Lainy Fredrickson took the country by storm when she scored a basket in a varsity game for Norman High Friday night. It’s been a whirlwind for her ever since.

Her famous bucket has popped up on websites and TV screens across the country -- from local TV to ESPN and even The Today Show.

It's a night that's easy for Lainy to describe.

“Happy and fun and good,” she said.

Lainy's parents are happy her good shooting led to some good vibes.

“With all the negativity that’s out there lately, I think it’s brought a nice bright spot,” said Jake Fredrickson, Lainy’s dad.

“People have said cheers of joy and a happy tear as she calls them,” said Mona Fredrickson, Lainy’s mom.

It's tough not to shed a tear with a story this touching – touching but not a surprise to Lainy.

“I just knew that I was gonna make a basket,” Lainy said.

FOX23 sat down with Lainy's teammates:

Lainy is a senior at Norman High but doesn’t want to leave.

“I want to be in the game forever, not graduate” Lainy said.