• Roller Derby growing in Green Country wtih Roughnecks

    By: Heather Geller


    It's an ever-growing sport here in Green Country, roller derby. I geared up with the ladies of the roughneck roller derby team to get a few pointers and let me tell you it's not as easy as they make it look. These ladies practice twice a week. Before you can even compete, you must pass both a skills and rules test. I definitely wouldn't be passing. But, what exactly is roller derby?

    Organized chaos, Jessica Coleman, also known as Juggs said. It's a mess. it's so fun.

    It's not what you might think. In the past, it was all about clotheslines and throwing elbows. There are skill and strategy behind it all now.

    Each team has four blockers. Each team also has what's called a jammer. That jammer on each team is who scores the points. The jammer's job is to get through all the opposing blockers, Juggs said.

    Around 60 people make up the Roughneck Roller Derby team between their three teams.

    I don't think people realize how inclusive it is, Jackie Gilmore, also known as Grudge said. We actually have all different walks of life in our league and within roller derby.

    Everyone imaginable is out here on the rink, anywhere from nurses to teachers.

    None of us would be friends outside of roller derby. But we all have this in common, and then it actually brings in a bigger community of people, Grudge said.

    This community does what it can to give back to the communities they live in. Every bout they raise money for a different local charity. You can catch these ladies in action on August 18th.

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