Recruiting heats up for Booker T.'s Bryce Thompson

Recruiting heats up for Booker T.'s Bryce Thompson

As Bryce Thompson's recruiting process has grown to an even more elite level, one thing has not changed. There's not a front runner.

"No. Not right now," said the Booker T. guard and senior-to-be. "No, everybody's really good. Everybody's putting their best foot forwards."

Bryce is getting quite a bit of recruiting mail these days.

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"Missouri, Notre Dame, Kansas, OSU," Bryace said. "Huge stack from OU. You know they're really showing the love."

Recruiting website Rivals ranks Bryce 58th in the nation in the class of 2020, and he's shooting up those rankings. Bryce is excited about his surging recruiting stock.

"It's through the roof, you know, just to open up my mail box and see tons of letters from all different colleges across the nation. It's really big," said Thompson.

Mail is just where it starts. Bryce has been visited by some of the biggest name coaches from college basketball's premier programs. Just last week, Michigan State's Tom Izzo made his way to the Thompson household.

"He's a really funny guy, real cool," Bryce said. "He had a little presentation for me on where I like fit into their play system."

Even though Bryce's dreams of winning a national title and playing in the NBA haven't come true yet, he's getting noticed on social media by lots of younger players in Tulsa because of this recruiting process. His message to them is simple.

"I tell them, 'Hey man, it could be you man. Just keep working and push through it.'"