Possible flooding impact on Bixby athletic facilities

VIDEO: Possible flooding impact on Bixby athletic facilities

The baseball and softball facility is what Bixby officials say is the most vulnerable to flooding. On Tuesday, they sand bagged the doors. They even drove off with the washer and dryer that were inside, but the most likely spot where the flooding would start is the baseball field.

Jay Bittle knows a thing or two about flooding in Bixby. He's from Bixby. He came back from college to help during the 1986 flood, and now he has the added responsibility of being the Bixby athletic director.

"I'm nervous. I mean I'm nervous," Bittle said. "There's always a chance that our fields could be under water, and if this does flood, we'll spend months cleaning this up."

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On Thursday evening, the water from the Arkansas River still looked far away.

"People are like where's the water, but it's just that far from the top of the banks," Bittle said while holding his hands a couple feet apart. "When it starts cresting they won't be wondering where the water is, it'll come over quick."

When -- or if -- the water does come, there's a good chance it won't just be the baseball and softball facilities flooded. The football field across campus could also go under water. There's not much Bittle and the rest of the Bixby Spartan family can do about that though.

"Sitting and waiting. There's nothing else we can do but hope. Hope and pray."