Petition circulates to change Durant, Okla. to Westbrook

Calling Kevin Durant’s defection to the Golden State Warriors “heinous”, an Edmond man demands change in Oklahoma.

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His petition says:

"As many of you know, Kevin Durant has left our state, torn out our hearts, and left our beloved Oklahoma City Thunder in depleted shape. All of this after even being offered a cabinet position for the State of Oklahoma. It is because of this heinous action that I believe the State of Oklahoma has a responsibility to change the name of the City of Durant to Westbrook, the man who is loyal, whom we believe in, and who will lead our team to glory."

The city was founded in the early 1870s by Dixon Durant. No known connection to Kevin Durant exists.
Nazari recognizes that Durant has no connection to the basketball player who spent nearly a decade playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder:
"Yes, it is understood that the city Durant was not named after the evil Kevin Durant, but it is just another hideous reminder of what happened to our community,” he said in his petition.
After 11 hours, the petition reached 112 supporters out of the 200 set as a preliminary goal.
Tulsa petition supporter Cody Turner wrote: “I believe in honoring great people who embody the spirit of Oklahoma: Facing adversity, never quitting, and always staying true to yourself. I believe Russell Westbrook embodies this and should be honored.”

Others commenting on the petition were not so optimistic that a name change could heal the pain.

“Just because you change the name,” James Vanzandt of Mead said, “isn’t gonna [sic] make it any better.”

When signatures are complete, a petition letter reading "Change the name of the City of Durant, OK to Westbrook, OK" will be sent to Governor Mary Fallin and Durant Mayor Stewart Hoffman. ---

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