• OU president Boren stands by Mixon punishment

    By: Nathan Thompson


    NEW ORLEANS - OU president David Boren stands by his punishment of an OU football who punched a woman in the face even after intense criticism after the surveillance video of the punch was released in December.

    FOX23 sports director Nathan Thompson asked Boren for an interview right after OU beat Auburn 35-19 in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans Monday night, and he granted it.

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    It was the first time the OU president talked publicly about Mixon since the surveillance video was released on December 16.

    President Boren did not back down one bit about how the university handled Mixon’s punishment.

    "I'm not in the business as a university president of destroying the entire lives and the entire futures on young people," Boren said on the Superdome field. "If they wanna get someone else to be the university president that's in the destruction business, get 'em. I'm in the education business."

    Mixon had a big game for the Sooners in the Sugar Bowl, leading the team in rushing, receiving, and touchdowns scored, but Auburn fans did not treat the OU running back well.

    They booed Mixon and even chanted “he hits women.”

    Boren told FOX23 he thought the chant was unfortunate.

    He has a strong message for people criticizing Mixon and the university’s punishment of him.

    "Those people that have second-guessed it and rushed to mob mentality about this are wrong," Boren said. "And I think when they sit back and reflect upon it, I don't think they wanna be in the business of destroying individuals any more than I do."

    President Boren patted Mixon on the back as the clock ticked down in the fourth quarter of the Sugar Bowl.

    Mixon told FOX23 Boren congratulated him.

    The university president is preaching a message of mercy when it comes to Joe Mixon.

    "I'd ask people to think a little bit before they wanna reach out and let one single incident when someone has a clean record destroy an entire productive life," Boren said. "Punishment, yes. Ruining lives permanently, no."

    OU head coach Bob Stoops said recently he think if Mixon punched a woman now instead of two years ago, Mixon would be kicked off the team because of how society has changed in two years.

    President Boren agrees it would be hard to keep Mixon, but he told FOX23 he thinks they made the right decision on Mixon two years ago when they suspended him from the team for a year.

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