• OSU basketball coach Boynton talks about arrested assistant

    By: Nathan Thompson


    OSU head basketball coach Mike Boynton said Thursday he has not been contacted by the FBI and has never been involved in something like the federal investigation that led to felony charges and the firing of his associate head coach Lamont Evans last week.

    Thursday was the first time Boynton talked publicly since Evans was arrested on six bribery, conspiracy, and fraud charges.

    In March, Boynton called Evans a brother he never had. Thursday the OSU head coach was asked if he ever had any suspicions about Evans.

    No. I never had any suspicions," Boynton said.

    Boynton said he hasn't spoken at all with Evans since the news broke last Tuesday. Boynton was on a plane from Oklahoma City to Dallas at the time. He immediately got a return flight to Oklahoma City after landing.

    Boynton maintains he was shocked by the whole thing.

    "I've never worked on a staff that's been involved in these types of things,” Evans said. “So it's news to me."

    OSU's season tips off at Gallagher-Iba Arena in a little more than a month. Asked if he feels he still has the support of athletic director Mike Holder, Boynton said: "I haven't felt that I haven't. I don't know if that answers your question, but I'm still here."

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