Olympics postponement forces OU gymnast to move wedding

Olympics postponement forces OU gymnast to move wedding

Allan Bower has a lot on his mind.

"A little stressful," he says.

With the 2020 Summer Olympics postponed a year, so is his life

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The Former Sooner has to spend a year longer training than planned to try to make the US Olympic team. Med school in August 2021 should still be OK. His wedding in May 2021 won’t. Like the Olympics, it’s moving – either earlier or later than the original date he and his fiancée picked.

"She took it like very well,” Bower said. “She knows that this has been like a dream of mine since I can remember."

Bower started gymnastics at four years old. He’s 25 now, and the years of competing are just starting to take their toll.

"I've definitely felt my body not recover as quick as when I was 20, 22," Bower said.

It’s something every gymnast goes through. Something that can make waiting a year on a postponed Olympics hard.

"The way gymnastics is, it's somewhat unrelenting,” said OU men’s gymnastics head coach Mark Williams. “You get to a place where it gets harder as you get older."

Williams might also be the Team USA men’s gymnastics head coach at the next Summer Olympics just like he was at the last Summer Olympics. He says the postponement was a relief in some ways during these trying times.

"It hasn't felt like it's a fair playing field if everybody can't get into gyms and train the way they'd like to," Williams said.

According to Bower, the postponement was the right call – tough on him and his life – but the right call.

“These are the cards that we were dealt, and this is what we’re going to have to deal with,” Bower said. “So you know, gotta roll with the punches and just keep pushing forward.”