• Oklahoma Run PWP fifth graders brought home national championship

    By: Heather Geller


    TULSA, Okla. - It's something not many fifth graders can say, “we’re national champions. But the guys on the Oklahoma Run Play With Purpose team can.

    “I don't know how to put it sometimes,” point guard Riley Williams said. Still can't believe we won. But it just feels good.

    OK Run PWP competed with 57 other teams from across the country in Wichita and won the Mid America Youth Basketball Trophy on August 4th. But it's what these boys went through last year that helped them go all the way this time around. In 2018, the Tulsa-based team lost the national title by 2 points.

    “It was kind of tough last year, but we knew that we were ready this year,” forward Jalen Montonati said. “So, we got our mind right, and we got it done.”

    That runner-up feeling was the motivation for this team to lose only three games all season long and win the most important game one of all.

    “We wanted to win so badly,” guard Boden Williams said. “So, it just pushed us to be a little bit better because that's all we needed.”

    Now, this team is expecting nothing less moving forward together.

    “We're going to try to win it again next year,” Riley said.

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