Oilers goalie Keserich makes comeback more than half a decade after retiring

Tulsa Oilers goalie Ian Keserich unretires after over 5 years
It’s been 2,148 days since the last time Tulsa Oilers goalie Ian Keserich had a win on the ice. More than half a decade ago Keserich was on the Oilers roster before retiring from hockey in 2013. He attempted a comeback this year but was cut after training camp. After a call-up, the 33-year-old was signed midseason. A few weeks ago, Keserich was thrown into his first game after starting goalie Devin Williams left with an injury.
“I felt like it was my time as soon as I saw Willie go down,” Keserich said. “I knew that he was hurt. I looked over at coach and I just knew it was my time to come out and keep a win on the sheet for the boys.”
The Oilers got the 7-3 win that night. Since then, he's 5-1 during his return on the ice. Now, Keserich is back with new vigor.
“It's really been a culmination of prayer and hard work.”
Something he gets to do now in front of his wife and son who was born right after he retired.
“Every time I come to the bench, I actually give her a look and just smile like what am I doing out here. I can’t believe this is happening. “