Tulsa native and NFL wide receiver Tyler Lockett honors his hometown

Tulsa native and Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett paid tribute to his hometown twice this week.

Lockett attended Carver Middle School and Booker T. Washington High School before attending Kansas State University. Locket was drafted into the NFL, and has been playing with the Seahawks since 2015.

In his first post, Lockett shared a picture of his cleats, which was an homage to Carver Middle School and assistant principal Cletta Driver. In his post, he credits Driver for assigning him counseling after receiving discipline in class.

“If Mrs. Driver didn’t give me a second chance my future would look a lot different. Carver Middle school! This games for you! Thank you for giving me a second chance!”

Lockett’s second post honored Roy Givens, a former classmate and team member in Tulsa. Givens now owns Waffle That! in Tulsa. Lockett showcased a second pair of cleats that promote the restaurant.