• Newest team in Tulsa about more than just football

    By: Heather Geller


    TULSA, Okla - Theyve kicked off something new in Tulsa. The Gators are the latest addition to the 4 States Football League.

    Right here local in your backyard Tulsa, Broken Arrow people, and all surrounding areas there's some good football, Gators owner and kicker Billy Perry said. "We did kick off two weeks ago. Beat the number one team now that target is on our backs.

    They may be new to the league but already this team is one to take notice of. But for the Gators, its about much more than just what's going on out on the field.

    We wanted to stand for something. Its about all of this out here. Its not about the sidelines it's about the community.

    Community is the keyword. Perry says this team's goal is to give back.

    Its about the kids. It's about the people coming up and what we can do to help this community and city be better. We're trying to get into some schools and go read to the kids. And you know doing a lot of things that just involve this city.

    Thats the reason why this team was formed by Perry, two other teammates, Levi Currier, and Carson Smallwood, along with a partnership with Joe Estes of Safari Joes.

    We just all three came together with the same mentality, same mindset of something bigger and better than just minor league football.

    On the field and off they're already off to a good start.

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