Lawsuit against Les Miles, LSU includes allegation during his time at OSU

Les Miles and Louisiana State University are facing serious allegations in a lawsuit by a current LSU athletic department employee. One accusation involves Oklahoma State.

Miles is one of many defendants in a $50-million lawsuit Sharon Lewis plans to file in federal court. Lewis is the LSU associate athletic director for football recruiting and alumni relations. She claims top LSU officials covered up sexual harassment by Miles then punished her when she reported it.

FOX23 got a copy of the lawsuit. One of the many allegations is that Miles said in a staff meeting with coaches and athletic department staff in 2010 that LSU had “ugly girls here” then said, when he was at Oklahoma State, he took over interviewing student female workers and hired them himself. It is item number 37 in the lawsuit.

Here is a copy of the full lawsuit:

Miles was most recently the head coach at Kansas, but the school parted ways with him in March when allegations started to surface from his time at LSU.

FOX23 reached out to Oklahoma State Wednesday for a comment and was told “not at this time.”