Kids making names for themselves at Chili Bowl Nationals

For the first time in a long time, the Chili Bowl Nationals dropped their age restrictions to allow for kids under 16 years old to enter the race. In order to be considered though, the driver would have to have an accomplished track record and be approved by the committee. This year, several racers were able to do just that and have already begun making a name for themselves in Tulsa.

Ryan Timms, Brent Crews and Gavan Boschele are three such drivers who have taken advantage of the new rules to work their way out on to the track. Each driver already showed they deserved to be there after putting together great races during the Heats and Qualifiers. In fact, Boschele scored the most points of an any driver in his division during the Heats and coupled with his score in the Qualifiers, has reached the A-Main on Saturday.