• Jared Shoemaker Academy teaching more than just rugby

    By: Heather Geller


    TULSA, Okla. - The goal is simple, the Jared Shoemaker Academy of Rugby introduces the sport to Tulsa area kids. But, how it got its name goes beyond just a game.

    When I started playing for the adult rugby club, one of my teammates was a Marine and a police officer, founder Christopher Woodward said. His name was Jared Shoemaker. He was killed in the line of duty serving for the Marine Corp. This is kind of a way to live his legacy on.

    Woodard founded the academy for much more than to teach a game his teammate Jared loved.

    It's an opportunity to really honor him and show these kids what it means to serve the community, and to try to work well with others and really try to embody all the values we're trying to teach.

    Every summer kids are learning much more than how to pass a rugby ball. It's also to instill in future generations the values so close to Jared.

    Teach the kids how to be cooperative, and all the values that the police department, Marine Corp, and rugby community share.

    The camp is in its fourth year and growing. For the next three weeks, kids can come out to Johnson Park and take place in the camp every Saturday for free. Jared's legacy lives on with every new student.

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