• Hughes sisters looking to leave the guys in their dust

    By: Heather Geller


    Bailey and Jaiden Hughes are regulars driving sprint cars at the Creek County Speedway near Sapulpa. They've been behind the wheel since they could see over it.


    “Our dad just loves racing,” Jaiden said. He really inspired us to get in and just get behind anything motorized.”


    The sisters are actually the only women in this class who race at Creek County Speedway week after week up against all the guys.


    “It's actually quite intimidating,” Bailey said.


    “The other males, they don't really like to get beat by females. They try to take it easy on us like within, but you can tell they hate it,” Jaiden said.


    But it wasn't until they climbed out of their car and took the helmets off most people even knew they were girls out here racing.

    “I actually had blue and had skulls on the car and everything of that sort. So, they thought I was just a little boy in that car,” Bailey said.


    Now, Bailey and Jaiden are trying to make sure everyone knows who they are by making a name for themselves on the track. 


    “We're currently mid-pack right now. We're trying to go for top-five finishes every weekend,” Bailey said.


    The Hughes racing sisters will hope to put 18 guys in their dust Saturday night.

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