Gold medal run learning experience for OSU's Likekele

Gold medal run learning experience for OSU's Likekele
What a summer for Isaac Likekele. A gold medal heading into his sophomore year at Oklahoma State. Not many can say they achieved that. The Cowboy point guard is still processing the experience of helping lead the US to the FIBA U19 World Cup championship.
“Still hasn't really hit me yet,” Likekele said. “I'm a gold medalist like you know, that's not something people do every in their lifetime. You know, it's rare. I really just felt blessed to be on that stage.”
It was a learning experience for the young guard playing for team USA, taking on a new role, a more vocal role.
“Coming from Oklahoma State, my freshman year I looked up to the older vets. I went over there on USA and I'm the older guy on the team and they're looking to me like what are we supposed to do next.”
Cowboy head coach Mike Boynton says it's easy to see why Likekele was a leader.
“He understands how to process scouting reports, how to game plan and prepare at least from a mental side,” Boynton said.
But, it was how he produced while on the floor that was the biggest take away for the Poke.
“Nobody was playing 27 or 28 minutes like you do when you come to your college. It really helped me really learn to manage my time when I'm out there on the floor and be more productive with the minutes that I am out there. If I can do that in 14, 13 minutes I should be doing way more in 28 and 30 minutes,” Likekele said.
Good news for Likekele, and good news for the Cowboys next season when he takes the floor on November 6th.