Former OU gymnast turns garage into gym to train for Olympics

Coronavirus pandemic changes Olympic plans for Yul Moldauer

The 2020 Summer Olympics are now scheduled for 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic. That’s changed a lot of plans for Yul Moldauer.

The former OU gymnast and now Olympic hopeful has had to get creative to keep his Olympic training going while Norman is under a "stay at home" order – turning his garage into a training facility along with fellow Sooners Genki Suzuki, Allan Bower, and Colin Van Wicklen.

“It’s just a one-door garage, but this is what it is right now,” Moldauer said while giving FOX23 a tour over FaceTime Wednesday. “So here’s the horse. See, this is the outside, and these are the rings.”

Moldauer was supposed to be competing in the US Gymnastics Championships and the US Olympic Trials in June then -- if he earned his way there as expected -- the Olympics in Tokyo a month later.

“It's just crazy to think what I'm doing now compared to what I would be doing," Moldauer said.

But delaying a dream is better than canceling a dream.

"You think about an extra year and then you get some sweetness back, you get some life back, you get hope back," Moldauer said.

It’s not unfettered hope though. Moldauer says there’s at least a chance the Olympics won’t happen next year.

"Thinking about what just happened in the last couple months, you have to say it could be a possibility,” he said. “So it's almost like you have to mentally be ready just in case that happens again."

But someday, Moldauer believes he will represent the US in the Olympics. And he says -- as someone who was born in another country then adopted and brought to America as a baby -- it would be even more special for him to represent this country.

“Looking on your chest, you know, the three letters. USA represents every single city, every single gym, every single individual, and you’re representing that on your chest. It feels very powerful,” Moldauer said. “I probably would be speechless just looking around. I’d probably cry honestly.”

There’s a good chance we’ll see Moldauer with USA on his chest at the Olympics next year. He’s one of the favorites to make the US team. For now though, the “stay at home” order in Norman goes through April 30, and, at least until then, Moldauer will be training for the Olympics in his garage.