Fibromyalgia not stopping Zi'Asia Zachary from her gymnastics dreams

They call it the Dream Meet. More than 600 gymnasts from across the state are competing at the Cox Business Center this weekend dreaming big.
I want to go to the Olympics and go to UCLA or OU, ZiAsia Zachary said.
Zi'asia has been competing in gymnastics for two years now. For her, the sport is her life.
Heaven forbid she misses a day, or she'll probably be very angry, her mother Antoenete Zachary said.
It's where ZiAsia goes to get away.
If I'm having like a rough day Ill go to practice and my friends they'll help me just forget about all the hard times, ZiAsia said.
The girl you see full of life competing was diagnosed with fibromyalgia just six months ago. A disorder that causes her nearly constant pain.
Its been really difficult. A lot of pain. She cant go to regular schools anymore if she wants to do gymnastics. She has to do home school so theres not so much impact on her legs and everything. Shes on a lot of medications to keep her just day-to-day.

But Zi'Asia doesn't let fibromyalgia stop her from competing or keep away from her passion.
Shes a really tough kid. Shes in practice crying but shes going to make it through because refuses to give up, Antoenete said.
I realized that God gives his hardest soldiers the hardest battles, ZiAsia said.
Zi'Asia's drive and ambition are inspirational, and theres no surprise she's dreaming big at the Dream Meet.