• Collinsville completes brutal tradition at 'The Hill'

    By: Jeff Kolb



    • Collinsville completed its brutal summer tradition of running 'The Hill' earlier this week
    • For nine years, the Cardinals have traveled out to the dam at Skiatook lake to sprint up a steep hill as a training and team bonding exercise. Head coach Kevin Jones says the team has never gone and not had any players get sick. Ironically, Skiatook is Collinsville's biggest rival
    • The team starts by doing 4-6 second sprints up the hill, taking 4-6 second breaks inbetween, only stopping when they reach the top. After two trips up the hill like that, the team breaks up into groups of four and competes in relay races for 3-4 trips up the hill. Lastly, the team breaks into a big man group and a skill position group. The players in each group do a full sprint up the hill to determine King of the Hill
    • This year's King of the Hill for the skill position group was Brayden Burd

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