College students travel to Tulsa for ultimate Frisbee tournament

TULSA, Okla. — Teams from Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota, Nevada and Colorado are all in Tulsa this week for a USA ultimate Frisbee tournament.

“When you’re out there playing, it’s a blast,” said TCU player Chris Pleshek.

The boys from TCU known as High Noon won the Dust Bowl Tournament to remain undefeated this season.

“They’re all great athletes when it comes down to it,” said parent Danny Smith.

“In the series of a tournament I ran like over 28 miles,” said player Andrew Lord.

While it’s not your typical college sport like basketball or football, they said it’s still demanding and they travel the country to play.

“There are lots of ladders, lots of three cone shuttle drills or track drills,” said player Jacob Malmquist.

It’s paid off for the Dust Bowl champs.