Big 12 notebook: Gundy says `Bedlam’s history’ when OU moves

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — Oklahoma will still get to play its Red River rivalry game against Texas when the two teams go to the Southeastern Conference together, but there may be no more Bedlam for the Sooners against Oklahoma State.

“Bedlam’s history. Bedlam’s not going to be Bedlam after they leave the conference,” Cowboys coach Mike Gundy said at the Big 12′s football media days Wednesday. “I don’t make that decision. I’m just telling you in my opinion, I think it’s history.”

Gundy said the future of Bedlam is based on “somebody else’s decision,” a clear reference to the Sooners and their switch to the SEC no later than the 2025 season.

While Gundy knows most fans would love for the game to continue, he said doesn’t see that as feasible if the teams are in different conferences.

“When you look at, we’re scheduled out through 2032 or ‘33, something like that. And most conferences, once all this settles down, you’re going to have a minimum of nine conference games in my opinion,” Gundy said. “You’re talking about contract buyouts and you’re talking about convincing head coaches to play another game, which would be like playing another conference game.”

The Sooners have a 90-19-7 series lead, but Oklahoma State won 37-33 at home last year in a game that sent the winner to the Big 12 championship game.