• Coffeyville coach needs double lung transplant, keeps coaching

    By: Jeff Kolb


    {C}{C}{C}·        {C}{C}{C}Aaron Flores is the head coach of Coffeyville Community College football

    {C}{C}{C}·        {C}{C}{C}Flores has suffered from Acute Interstitial Lung Disease since 2004

    {C}{C}{C}·        {C}{C}{C}He is at the top of the list for a double lung transplant and could get a call at any minute saying he needs to fly to Denver for the procedure

    {C}{C}{C}·        {C}{C}{C}Flores has been an organ donor his whole life and wants to promote organ donor awareness

    {C}{C}{C}·        {C}{C}{C}Flores is married to his wife, Kristen. They have two daughters; Ryann, 6, and Haley, 5


    {C}{C}{C}·        {C}{C}{C}Friends have started a GoFundMe page for the Flores family: https://www.gofundme.com/coach-flores-needs-new-lungs

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