• Bulls also competing at the BOK Center along side riders at PBR

    By: Heather Geller


    TULSA, Okla. - This weekend out at the Professional Bull Riders stop in Tulsa, it's not just about the riders who are out here trying not to get bucked off. But also, just as much about the bulls whose backs they are on. These four-legged beasts are also competing to be the best.

    They are the other half of bull riding, Paradigm Bull Company owner Jeremy Walker said. They are just as much an athlete as the guys. It takes a lot of work to keep one at the top-level.

    There's a lot that goes into training bulls, much like any other athlete does with their bodies.

    Nutrition. We have custom feed programs. Light exercise. Short burst kind of little jogs. Stretch them out a little bit.

    Bill the Butcher comes from a bloodline of champion bulls. But last year he just stopped bucking. This year, he's trying to make a comeback on the PBR circuit starting with Tulsa.

    When he's on like he's been the last few times we've bucked him he's pretty special. He can beat out of there some of the best bulls in the world.

    This weekend only one will come away on top, rider, and bull. PBR action for both the bulls and the riders goes through Sunday at the BOK Center.

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