• Small but strong: Eighth grader beats boys, makes history

    By: Jeff Kolb



    • Broken Arrow's Allison Hynes, an 8th grade wrestler at Centennial Middle School, made history in January by winning the Edmond Invitational
    • Hynes became the first girl to ever win the invitational, which was started in 1942
    • She was also named the Most Outstanding Wrestler for the entire tournament across all weight classes
    • Hynes has been wrestling since 4th grade and would like to see more girls to take up the sport

    A name for herself on the mats- and in history. 

    Allison Hynes may only be an 8th grader, but she's showing the boys age, size and gender don't matter. 

    "I like making them a little bit nervous," she said. "You know, I'm not here for just the game. I'm here to win."

    Over the course of 75 years, only boys took home the Edmond Invitational title. 

    Okahoma offers no girls' league for wrestling. The only way to take home a title in the sport? Beating the boys. 

    Hynes and fellow rising star Nevaeh Cuellar don't seem to mind the challenge. 

    "Naturally boys are stronger, boys are faster," Hynes said. "So you really have to work for it. It makes you feel even better than if you're just going up against a girl."

    In January, the girls went to Edmond and Hynes took home not only the first tournament title for a girl- she won Most Outstanding Wrestler. 

    "I didn't know that someone that small could be that strong, because it's so crazy," Cuellar said. 

    Now, they see just how strong a girl can be, and it's on to the next tournament. 

    Their goal: make sure girls know they can wrestle- and they can win. 

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