Bixby flooding brings football team together to help teammate

Bixby flooding brings football team together to help teammate
Thirteen inches of water from the Arkansas River surrounded Bixby senior lineman Kobe Williams family home just a week ago.
The water was pretty high, Williams said. The garage was filled with water and the rooms were filled with water. So, once we saw that we had to start getting some of the water out.

Now the water is mostly gone, its time to rebuild.
We got to take the carpet out and everything. Then we've got to dry up the hardwood floor thats under there. We're going to put new hardwood floor down. Then we've got to do the walls and everything as well.
There was no shortage of hands at their home this weekend helping. In fact, many there were teammates and coaches from the Bixby football team. Something that speaks volumes about the Spartan program.
On the field, we work hard and in the weight room, we work hard together. Just knowing I can count on them like if I am in trouble they can come help me is just amazing.

Selfless is what these players are taught. The motto Less me, more we put into action.

Their whole house is gone,
sophomore defensive end Cody Paschall said. All their belongings are gone. They are just going to have to rebuild and we're just here to help them as much as we can.
This team goes beyond just the helmets and the football field. It's a brotherhood. A family thats there for one another no matter the situation.