"Varsity Chris" continues to inspire Jenks football

VIDEO - Super fan "Varsity Chris" still committed to Jenks football


  • Chris Havenstrite, a 2016 Jenks High School graduate best known as "Varsity Chris," is back helping Trojans football this fall
  • Varsity Chris, who also goes by 'VC', has never let autism hold him back, asking his father Van to let him join Jenks football in the seventh grade. He's been a staple of the program ever since
  • These days Chris works at Camille's and often walks more than a mile, over the bridge to Jenks, to come to practice
  • Chris got his famous nickname from Jenks varsity boys basketball head coach and NFL referee, Clay Martin, who first called him 'Varsity Chris'
  • VC was very close with former Jenks head coach Allan Trimble. His father, Van Havenstrite, said, "Out here, (Chris) was his shadow. I think Christopher considers (Trimble) his best friend."
  • Chris helped Jenks win three state titles during his high school years
  • His dream is to be a Jenks police officer