Zomi cultural conference held at Mabee Center

TULSA, Okla. — This weekend, Zomi people from all over the country traveled to Tulsa for a three-day conference celebrating their culture.

Tulsa is home to the largest population of Zomi people in the United States. This weekend is a three-day conference, held every two years, called Zomi Khawmpi. Thousands of people are expected come to the conference, hosted at the Mabee Center.

At the conference they play sports, compete in pageants, eat traditional foods, do fellowship and prayer and hold important elections.

The Zomi people are a minority group with roots in and near India and Myanmar.

Sian Muam is with the conference’s media team and it’s important to keep traditions alive so that they are not lost.

“I think it’s very important because we are not originally from here, so that’s a part of our identity. I know we all have citizenship here, but we are originally from Myanmar, and it’s important to keep that tradition and that culture so it’s not lost.”

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