You Decide 2020: Jim Inhofe wins re-election to U.S. Senate

WASHINGTON — Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe (R) has won re-election for U.S. Senate. Inhofe says this will be his last term and he will not run again.

At the Republican Watch Party, FOX23′s Rick Maranon was the first to break the news to Sen. Inhofe that he had won re-election.

Watch it below:

In this year’s election, Inhofe faced Democratic opponent Abby Broyles, Libertarian opponent Robert Murphy, Independent opponent Joan Farr, and Independent opponent A. D. Nesbit.

See Senator Inhofe’s sponsored or cosponsored legislation in Congress here

Inhofe has served as a State Senator for Oklahoma since 1994 when he replaced Sen. David Boren. Inhofe currently serves as chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Inhofe is also a member of the Environment and Public Works Committee, the Commerce Committee, and the Small Business Committee.

Democratic Candidate Abby Broyles is from Bethany, OK. Broyles is a journalist and an attorney. She spent most of her journalism career at the NBC affiliate in Oklahoma City. She attended while law school while working as a journalist and went on to open her own law practice.

Libertarian candidate Robert Murphy is originally from Detroit, MI. Murphy ran against Inhofe for Mayor of Tulsa in 1980. You can read more about Murphy and his platforms here.

There are two Independent candidates. Joan Farr is originally from Germany. She moved to Kansas in the 60′s. You can read more about her here. A. D. Nesbit is a second Independent candidate on the ballot. She describes herself as “an educator, scientist, and mother who wants to build our community through shared horizons.” You can read more about her here.

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