• 500-year-old mummy of Incan girl returns to Bolivia

    By: CARLOS VALDEZ, Associated Press

    LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) - A 500-year-old mummy of an Incan girl has been returned to Bolivia some 129 years after it was donated to the Michigan State University Museum, marking what an official says is the first time human remains of archaeological importance have been repatriated to the country.

    Known as Ñusta, a Quechua word for "Princess," the mummy amazes many because of its excellent state of preservation: Its black braids seem recently combed and its hands still cling to small feathers.

    Experts say the mummy originally came from a region in the Andean highlands near La Paz during the last years of the Inca civilization. Radiocarbon tests also have revealed it dates to the second half of the 15th century, confirming the likelihood that its tomb burial preceded the conquest of the Incas.

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