Woman's family says she is dead after trying to help the wrong person

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Lana Ellsbury and Dustin Grisham were found dead Sunday.
  • Ellsbury's family is speaking out after the deaths.
  • They said Ellsbury was helping the wrong person.

A woman's family talked with FOX23 after she was killed in what police think was a violent crime spree by one man.

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Lana Ellsbury's family described her as outgoing and loving.

They say she was working to turn her life around and was insistent on helping others do the same.

They believe that is why she is dead. They think she helped the wrong person.

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A friend found Ellsbury and Dustin Grishman dead inside Ellsbury's home near 31st and Garnett on Sunday.

Police say the crime scene was violent and the two were shot in separate rooms.

Ellsbury's family says they came to the crime scene, which was absolutely heartbreaking.

Police say they do have a strong suspect in the case, but he is now dead as well.

Ellsbury's family says that does help them grieve in peace, but as far as closure is concerned, they aren't sure.

They want to know why, and they say if Marlow Barnes was the only suspect, then they'll never get the opportunity to ask.


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