Woman sold stolen items on Facebook Marketplace, Tulsa police say

TULSA, Okla. — A woman is in custody after Tulsa police said they caught her in an online theft conspiracy.

Officers said Jessica Bannister stole Yeti products from multiple retailers on multiple occasions, then sold them on Facebook Marketplace.

Court papers state that Bannister had multiple profiles under different names, each selling the stolen items.

Officers worked undercover to set up a time to buy the stolen products at three times and locations.

Police said when they caught her, they found the stolen Yeti cups in the back seat of the car. They also found handwritten notes detailing transactions, orders and payments for the products. In the suspect’s apartment, they found more notes detailing businesses in other Oklahoma cities from which they could steal.

The president of the Oklahoma Retail Crimes Association said the online marketplaces have incentivized criminals to steal from retailers. Before these listings, people would sell their goods at pawn shops or flea markets, and receive less money than selling items online.

The Retail Crimes Association has a network of business owners and loss prevention officers actively searching these sites every day to try to find stolen goods and link them to particular people or stores from which they’re stolen.

The association said not only does it hurt the businesses getting victimized, it ultimately hurts the entire state, as they are also losing the tax dollars associated with each stolen item.

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