• Woman opens up about south Tulsa child abuse suspect after his arrest

    By: Sara Hart


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Ganey Fairley is accused of abusing an infant in south Tulsa.
    • His former girlfriend is talking to FOX23 about what she knew about him.
    • She says he acted violently during their relationship.
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    A former girlfriend of a child abuse suspect is speaking out.

    Stephanie Newman says she has a three-year-old little boy with Ganey Fairley.

    Now, Fairley is accused of abusing an infant in south Tulsa.

    Newman filed a police report just nine days ago, after she says he violated a protective order by coming to her house, breaking in and threatening her life.

    Newman says Fairley also beat her during their relationship.

    She says there were also signs that he was abusing their son.

    Newman referred to Fairley as the “devil,” and she says she knows in her heart that Fairley was the one who put an eight-month old little boy in the hospital Tuesday.

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    Tulsa police say Fairley’s new girlfriend left him at home with her baby while she went to work.

    Police say when she came home, her baby was unresponsive.

    Reports show police believe the injuries are consistent with child abuse, but Fairley told police the injuries were accidental.

    He says he tripped and fell with the baby. He said he shook the baby after that to try and wake him up, and when that didn’t work, he doused cold water on the baby, but he never called 911.

    That baby is still in the hospital in critical condition.

    Newman says she is now breathing a sigh of relief since Fairley is in jail, but she says she hates that an innocent baby was hurt in order to get Fairley there.

    Newman hopes that her story and the injured baby’s story will get a point across that domestic violence can be life threatening. She wants people to take it seriously.

    Fairley is in jail facing child neglect and child abuse charges.

    If you or someone you know are suffering from domestic abuse, advocates are available 24 hours a day to answer your call on the DVIS 24-hour information and crisis line: 918.7HELP.ME (918.743.5763)

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