• Tulsa woman stabs, kills partner with sword claiming abuse


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Police arrested 38-year-old Micca Thompson
    • She told police she used a sword to stab her boyfriend
    • He died at a local hospital
    • She says Ronnie Beets, 36, abused her for years
    • Thompson faces a 2nd degree murder charge

    A Tulsa woman claims she used a sword to stop her abuser.

    Police arrested Micca Thompson, 38, on a second-degree murder complaint Thursday morning.

    They responded to her home on South Union and West 61st after she says she stabbed Ronnie Beets, 36. She said he came home late Wednesday, slapping and choking her.

    She said she used a ceremonial sword in the home to stab him.

    Investigators say they didn’t see signs of abuse, but they aren’t saying it didn’t happen.

    Police say because they can’t find enough evidence to support her claim of self-defense, so they are currently recommending the murder charge.

    Beetz died at a local hospital just before 4 a.m.

    TPD has no record of Thompson’s abuse claims, but are reviewing hospital records.

    Beetz’s death marks Tulsa’s 32nd homicide for the year.

    In 2016, around 15 homicides were related to domestic violence. 

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