Woman found dead on her front porch in Turley

TURLEY, Okla. — Tulsa police are investigating after a woman was found dead on her front porch of a Turley home Friday morning.

Officer Andre Baul with the Tulsa Police Department said a young woman was found unresponsive by firefighters just before 8 a.m. near 61st Street North and MLK. Investigators told FOX23 she had been dead between four and five hours by the time first responders arrived.

Baul said a neighbor called 911 and said they saw someone on a porch, and that’s when the fire department responded and called police once they realized something else had happened.

Baul said the woman suffered severe trauma and they are still working to determine if she was stabbed or shot.

Family members were inside the home and didn’t hear anything and didn’t realize the woman was out front dead, Baul said.

“Shock, it was shock,” Baul said. “I think they’re, just like us, they don’t know what happened. Of course you see a family member laying their unresponsive, they’re going to be in shock. A tragic thing has happened here today and unfortunately we just don’t have a much to go off right now.”

They were taken in for questioning.