• Woman finds snake in water bottle case

    By: Miranda Christian


    TULSA, Okla. - When you buy a case of water, you may not think to look inside to see if there is anything but water in it. However, one family wished they had done that -- they got home and found a snake inside the case.
    The Hemingway family found the pygmy rattlesnake entwined with the water bottles.
    “We got home and she helped me unload probably about 10 of them. She pushed the water to the side, and about 30 minutes later she started screaming 'there is a snake in the water,'” said Heidi Hemingway.
    Hemingway said she had to act quickly.
    “I get my husband and he pushes the water outside. The snake kind of ran loose and he killed it with the end of a broomstick,” Hemingway said.
    The snake had been sitting in their home for about 30 minutes before her daughter found it.
    “It was really scary. Especially with all three of my kids there,” Hemingway said.
    She said she never would have thought to check for a snake in a case of water and is glad that no one was injured.

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