Woman arrested for allegedly choking a child, stabbing nearby man

ROGERS COUNTY, Okla. — Keuetta Daniels, 40, is now behind bars in Rogers County after allegedly choking a child and then stabbing the man who stepped in to stop her.

On Thursday, June 25, a deputy with the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office said was called out to the area of East 340 Road and South 4190 Road for a stabbing.

After arriving on scene, the deputy learned that Daniels was causing a scene at the campsite after a five-year-old threw sand at her.

Daniels then grabbed the child, wrapped her legs around the child and placed her in a choke hold.

A nearby man, John Reed-Basks, reportedly saw what was happening and pulled Daniels off the child.

Daniels then pulled out a pocket knife and began stabbing Basks, leaving him with multiple wounds, according to reports.

Witnesses on scene were able to reportedly give statements that matched Basks.

The child had markings on her neck and shoulders that matched the description of being choked, reports stated.

Daniels admitted to stabbing Basks but said it was self defense because Basks hit her.

Daniels is now booked in the Rogers County Jail facing charges of child abuse, domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and domestic assault by strangulation.