• Woman arrested after badly injured dog dropped off at Owasso animal clinic

    By: Amber Hughes



    • In September, Diana Oliveras dropped off Red, a badly injured Doberman at the VCA Owasso Animal Medical Clinic. Doctors said Red had a broken shoulder, a pellet wound in his leg and several other wounds.
    • VCA officials said Oliveras told VCA Red had been in a dog fight. VCA said Oliveras ignored multiple phone calls from them about Red's injuries. She was arrested Thursday for animal cruelty.
    • The VCA has decided they will not amputate Red's damaged front leg. Red will be on cage rest for some weeks before starting physical therapy.
    • Since arriving, Red has gained 13 pounds and his wounds are nearly healed.
    • VCA officials told FOX23 that they have already found new parents for Red when he gets better.

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