Woman arrested, accused of throwing small explosive into midtown Tulsa QuikTrip

Woman arrested after allegedly throwing firework in QuikTrip

TULSA, Okla. — Police arrested a woman after they say she threw a small explosive into a midtown Tulsa QuikTrip Tuesday night.

Tulsa police told FOX23 they arrested Sherrell Owens after she threw an explosive resembling some kind of firework into the QuikTrip near 11th and Utica.

Police say Owens is banned from the property and had been escorted away before coming back. Owens allegedly lit and threw the explosive through the store's door.

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The explosive did not hit anyone and police say the fire was put out quickly.

Police say the store's security guard heard a loud noise from the explosive and saw Owens running away. He flagged down a nearby police officer who detained and later arrested Owens.

QuikTrip officials are cooperating with police by giving them the surveillance video from the store.

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