Woman accused of intending to transfer HIV during Broken Arrow prostitution bust

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BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Walter Brazington Jr. and Tiffany Roach were arrested Monday.
  • Brazington is accused of running a house of prostitution, and Roach is accused of lewdness and intending to transfer HIV.
  • Their arrests come after a confidential source reportedly visited a Broken Arrow spa.

A Broken Arrow man claiming to have a long history in security is now being charged with operating a house of prostitution.

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Walter Brazington Jr. was arrested alongside Tiffany Roach Monday.

Brazington faces charges for keeping a house of prostitution and pandering, while Roach is accused of lewdness and intending to transfer HIV.

The investigation reportedly began after detectives found "enticing" massage advertisements for a Broken Arrow location on Backpage.com showing scantily clad women in provocative positions offering massages. Detectives say they began to monitor the daily internet posts from the establishment and identified Brazington as the owner of the massage studio, which was unidentifiable from the street and only displayed a neon "open" sign.

Police say a confidential source entered a spa near East Kenosha and South 177th East Avenue earlier this month and met Brazington, who reportedly went by "Connor" and said that "therapists" in the spa work for tips, while he received a door fee.

Brazington reportedly claimed he had worked in law enforcement for years and acted as a body guard for senators, governors and even presidents.

In November 2017, however, Brazington reportedly told the confidential source he "jumped over the line."

According to the source, he went on to say he could tell if a customer was an undercover police officer or undercover reporter.

He reportedly told the source to try to kiss a customer, because a "police officer thinks your mouth is dirty and will not kiss."

Brazington also allegedly said that only two of his girls had been arrested in three years. FOX23 found that Brazington was recently arrested for prostitution, as was one of his employees.

His arrest came Monday, when officers served a search warrant, entered a room and found a customer in the middle of an illicit act with Roach.

The alleged house of prostitution is located near two area schools.

Business owners in the area said they frequently saw male customers, but they did not see women frequent the "spa." A woman who works nearby told FOX23 her employer was concerned that human trafficking and other illicit sexual activity was taking place at the business when they saw men coming and going at all hours of the day.

Brazington and Roach were both booked into the Tulsa County Jail. Roach faces a higher bond, because she's accused of trying to spread an infectious disease.

Brazington bailed out of jail early Wednesday morning. When FOX23 went to his home, no one answered the door for an interview.

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