Witnesses: Man talked about leprechauns during Broken Arrow crash, break-in

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — Broken Arrow police arrested a man after he allegedly drove a truck into a fence and then, broke into a house while the victims were home.

Christopher Leslie drove a semi-truck into a fence on the 2000 block of Angus Drive, according to police.

Police said that after Leslie crashed the truck, he broke into a house nearby. A victim told police that Leslie burst through the door and entered. The victim reportedly yelled at him to leave and tried to close the front door.

Witnesses said Leslie was talking about leprechauns during the incident, saying he was looking for leprechauns.

While the victim yelled at Leslie to get out, other people in the home reportedly helped grab the suspect and force him outside.

Police said Leslie refused to talk to them, but later, in the hospital, he asked officers what happened and if he was with anyone.

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