The Wild Heart Ranch is asking for donations in honor of Betty White

CLAREMORE, Okla. — An animal sanctuary in Claremore with a personal link to Betty White is asking for donations in her honor.

It would have been Betty’s one hundredth birthday this coming Monday, Jan. 17.

There is a Facebook challenge, the Betty White challenge, asking people to donate to an animal shelter in her memory.

Betty White was a big animal activist.

Wild Heart Ranch in Claremore is asking for donations to help them feed over 2,000 babies they’re going to raise in the spring.

They need $15,000 to pay for special animal formula and the prices have gone up because of COVID-19 and shipping problems.

And at the same time the number of animals they’re helping has increased.

Wild Heart Ranch sprawls over 100 acres and they rescue thousands of orphaned and injured animals every year. They have deer, foxes, pigs, racoons, and there’s even a lemur.

The Betty White challenge is personal for Annette King, the founder and director of Wild Heart Ranch.

Betty reviewed a story that she wrote once and hailed her a hero.

The message from Wild Heart Ranch, think of Betty White, skip that expensive coffee, and come together for the animals.