• Wife reunited with wedding ring after husband accidentally dropped it in Salvation Army kettle

    By: Mallory Thomas


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    • A man accidentally dropped his wife's wedding ring in a donation kettle.
    • He didn't realize what happened until he got home.
    • The Salvation Army found the ring the next morning and returned it to the couple.

    TULSA, Okla. - A Tulsa couple is grateful to the Salvation Army after a wedding ring was accidentally dropped into a donation kettle.

    It happened while one man was dropping some change into the red kettle. The couple was embarrassed by the whole ordeal and asked not to be named even though they did want to share their story.

    "I had outpatient surgery at St. John's and I forgot to take [the rings] off. So at the last minute, I gave them to him and he put them in his pocket," the wife said.

    The husband did not realize what had happened until after they got back home and he couldn't find the ring in his pocket.

    Captain Ken Chapman of the Salvation Army of Metro Tulsa said he received a frantic phone call from the couple asking if the ring was still with them. He said the kettles have a lock on them and stay locked until the counting process begins at the Salvation Army warehouse.

    "So we count the kettles the next morning, find her ring, gave it to her and she gave us a $100 donation," Chapman said.

    He told FOX23 that every year, they find odds and ends inside the red kettles.

    "We have a little collection in our counting room of all the weird things we get in the kettle," Chapman said.

    Since the woman was reunited with her ring, FOX23 is told she hasn't taken it off once.

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