• What is a 'Particularly Dangerous Situation' in the weather forecast?


    TULSA, Okla. - On Monday, the National Weather Service issued a rare "particularly dangerous situation" in regards to a Tornado Watch for portions of Oklahoma.

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    According to the NWS online, this is used in the event that "long-lived intense tornadoes are likely."

    Here is more information about a "PDS watch" from the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center website FAQ:

    The "Particularly Dangerous Situation" wording is used in Tornado Watches for rare situations when long-lived intense tornadoes are likely. This enhanced wording may also accompany Severe Thunderstorm Watches for widespread significant severe events, usually produced by exceptionally intense derechos. PDS watches are issued, when in the opinion of the forecaster, the likelihood of significant events is boosted by very volatile atmospheric conditions. Usually this decision is based on a number of atmospheric clues and parameters, so the decision to issue a PDS watch is subjective with no hard criteria. However, the SPC goal is to have 3 out of every 4 PDS Tornado Watches verifying with multiple intense tornadoes. PDS watches are most often issued with a High risk in Day 1 Convective Outlooks.

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