West Tulsa sports complex to expand into Jenks property

West Tulsa sports complex to expand into Jenks property

Quick facts:

  • The Titan Sports Complex and Performance Center is expanding.
  • The complex broke ground in August.
  • A second property less than two miles away will expand the complex.

A new soccer complex in west Tulsa that's still under construction announced it's expanding.

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The Titan Sports and Performance Center broke ground in August.

They're expanding their original plan for 15 soccer fields and a massive indoor facility to a total of 32 soccer fields and four lacrosse fields in a two-mile area.

Stan Liedel, general manager, says it will make Titan one of the largest multi-sport complexes in the region.

The center will now be made up of two complexes, one at 81st and Elwood and one further down at 96th Street.

Both Tulsa and Jenks will reap sales tax benefits.

Liedel says city engineers are working to make sure the property near 81st and Elwood doesn't flood as it has in the past.

The south complex is set to be finished in the spring and the main complex completed in the summer.


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